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Jeffrey Levine, Retirement Daily's Ask the Hammer, joins Holistiplan as Tax Planning Strategist

Nov. 11, 2020

Host Robert Powell interviewed Kevin Lozer of Holistiplan, an award-winning tax planning software for advisers built to systematize and automate the process of reviewing a client’s tax return to find potential planning opportunities. Lozer announced that Jeffrey Levine CPA/PFS, CFP®, AIF®, CWS® will join Holistiplan as tax planning strategist. Powell also spoke with Levine, who is the co-host of Retirement Daily's Ask the Hammer as well as the director of advanced planning at Buckingham Wealth Partners.


Jeffrey Levine Joins Holistiplan

Nov. 10, 2020

Holistiplan today announced that Jeffrey Levine CPA/PFS, CFP®, AIF®, CWS® will join Holistiplan as Tax Planning Strategist. "We are very excited that Jeff is joining the Holistiplan team," said Kevin Lozer, co-founder Holistiplan. "Jeff is one of the most respected tax planning authorities in our industry. Just as important, Jeff is also an advisor who can articulate technical tax concepts in a digestible way. We can't think of anyone more qualified to help us add more tax functionality to the software, while still executing our vision to make the software intuitive and efficient to use."


Jeff Levine Lands New Gig at Tax Software Firm

Nov. 10, 2020

Jeff Levine, a tax specialist with Kitces.com and Buckingham Wealth Partners, has added a new role to his current list of activities. He’s now a tax planning specialist for Holistiplan, which makes tax planning software for advisors. A constant presence on Twitter via the handle @CPAPlanner, Levine — both a CPA and a certified financial planner — will advise the firm on ways it can further tweak how its software reviews clients’ tax returns for potential financial planning issues and “opportunities,” Holistiplan said Tuesday.


Holistiplan Hires Jeffrey Levine As Tax Planning Strategist

Nov. 10, 2020

In Levine’s new fintech-oriented role, he will be a “tax-planning guru” to help improve the fintech’s product, Holistiplan co-founder Kevin Lozer told Financial Advisor magazine during an interview. “Jeff’s major role will be to help us continue to enhance Holistiplan and add functionality in ways that advisors are still going to enjoy the intuitiveness of it and the efficiency of using the software,” said Lozer. “That’s why when we had the opportunity to add someone like Jeff, we really jumped on it. He knows taxes so well, and tax planning so well, and he’s an advisor as well—so he’s someone who can see our software from all angles.”


Holistiplan adds Jeffrey Levine as tax planning strategist

Nov. 10, 2020

Jeffrey Levine, widely known as Kitces.com’s ‘lead financial planning nerd,’ is joining the tax planning software firm – but says his other roles will remain as is. “Jeff is one of the most respected tax planning authorities in our industry,” said Kevin Lozer, co-founder Holistiplan. Co-founder Roger Pine added that Levine’s experience “aligns perfectly with our mission to help advisors deliver richer financial planning to more clients.”


Holistiplan Adds Tax Strategist Jeffrey Levine

Nov. 10, 2020

Advisor-focused tax planning software developer Holistiplan added Jeffrey Levine, a well-known tax strategist and financial advisor, to the firm. It’s the latest sign of growth from the company, in what’s shaping up to be a busy year for taxes as advisors navigate the CARES Act and look ahead to a new presidential administration. Levine’s move signals a vote of confidence for the advisor-founded startup, which won top honors at the 2019 XYPN Live fintech competition and saw its technology added to Carson Group’s tech offerings last month.


Holistiplan Partners with Redtail Technology to Streamline the Process of Analyzing Tax Returns

Oct. 28, 2020

Holistiplan today announced a new partnership with Redtail Technology. Through this new integration, financial advisors can send household information to Holistiplan to avoid dual data entry. Information such as household members and birth dates can be imported to Holistiplan.  Then, once Holistiplan runs its analysis on a tax return, key figures and the system-generated observations can be dropped back into Redtail as a note.


Carson Group Adds Holistiplan Tax Planning Software

Oct. 22, 2020

Carson Group is integrating Holistiplan’s comprehensive tax planning software into its tech stack, the companies said in a joint announcement. The Holistiplan subscription costs will be covered in full for all Carson Partners, they noted.


Holistiplan’s Innovative Tax-Planning Software is Latest Value-add to Carson’s Tech Stack

Oct. 20, 2020

Holistiplan announced that Carson Group is integrating Holistiplan’s comprehensive tax planning software into its tech stack. The Holistiplan subscription costs are covered in full for all Carson Partners. Earlier this year, Holistiplan launched with a select group of Carson Wealth private clients to unveil tax planning opportunities. Now, it is available for all advisors in the Carson Partners network.


Carson Group Taps More Funds to Fuel Partner Firm M&As

Oct. 5, 2020

Carson Group says it has raised more funding to make more minority investments in advisory firms that join its partnership program. The capital also will be used to support partner firms’ own acquisition plans. The news comes during the group’s online Partner Summit conference, during which it also said it will give Holistiplan software to partner firms to help them with tax planning.


Two New Tech Tools

Oct. 1, 2020

Advisor, Kay Dee Cole, tips her hat to Holistiplan for their tax planning software for financial planners, which she says fills some of the gaps she had in her systems. She noted that Holistiplan helps her determine whether a Roth IRA conversion makes sense for a specific client. It also helps clients understand their tax brackets and other key facts that their CPAs may not have ever explained to them. “Holistiplan looks at my clients’ portfolios and gains, and it finds outside assets that we weren’t aware of,” she says. “It’s been a real game-changer in my client meetings.”


Roger Pine of Holistiplan on Speeding up the Tax Planning Process for Financial Advisors

Sept. 24, 2020

Tax planning can be a very labor-intensive process for financial advisors who offer it to their clients. There is just so much data entry required! Roger Pine discovered this firsthand in his career as a financial advisor. That was the inspiration of Holistiplan! Their solution makes it super easy for advisors to import their client's tax information and get to work. As Roger mentions, tax planning is one of the areas where a financial planner can bring the most value to his or her clients. So, making the process more efficient for advisors means they will be able to bring more value to their clients.


Emerging Tech Week: Possibilities and Threats Facing the Future of Fintech

Sept. 17, 2020

Emerging Tech Week on the Framework podcast was an eye-opening tour through the world of fintech. We learned what has disrupted the system and what will keep on changing it in the future. Each of the five guests told us about their early misadventures and their usually rapid success when the technology finally catches on. The world of fintech moves very quickly. Kevin Lozer says making the leap from financial planning to fintech is a mix of trusting your gut and then committing for the long haul. His tech solution, Holistiplan, helps advisors process and analyze a tax return in a matter of minutes. This makes the process of tax planning more seamless and cuts down considerably on the data entry that eats up advisors’ time.


3 Questions with Adam Holt of Asset-Map

Sept. 14, 2020

Holt said, “We have seen companies like Asset-Map, Riskalyze, LifeYield, Mobile Assistant, Everplans, and recently Holistiplan attempt to solve a specific pain point in the advice delivery space. I think that these organizations that tend to focus on their core competence provide a fantastic complement to the all-in-one platforms that are dominating the tech conversation. These companies are the ones that advisors should be really focusing on adding once their core technology stack is in place. As financial advisors acquire the same core technology, it will be the differentiation in value-adds that they provide to their customers that will really transform the consumer value proposition.”


Benzinga Global Fintech Awards Spotlight

Sept. 9, 2020

Every year Benzinga, a leading news and data platform, holds the Global Fintech Awards, a day of dealmaking, networking, and recognition in the fintech space. Ahead of the November 10, 2020 event, this newsletter highlights disruptive innovators working to create positive and diverse change in financial services. Today's disruptive innovator is Holistiplan, a provider of efficiency tools for financial advising.


How Financial Planners Actually Do Financial Planning

Sept. 7, 2020

In Volume 1, 2020 of the Kitches Report, Holistiplan is mentioned on page 24 as an important financial planning software solution in the RIA’s process of creating a comprehensive plan. Holistiplan again is mentioned on page 33 as the leader in specialized tax planning software. “Holistiplan’s quick rise to a lead in market share may be particularly notable, given their relative youth compared to some competitors.”


Democratizing Financial Planning and Scaling Your Business with Kevin Lozer

Aug. 27, 2020

In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie Hopkins talks with Kevin Lozer, co-founder of Holistiplan. Kevin is a financial planner, but he’s also driven to help other financial planners be more comprehensive and efficient in planning for their own clients.


Carson Coaching Launches Online Hub

Aug. 14, 2020

Carson Coaching now has an online option for advisors and firms seeking more practice management and other resources to grow their businesses. The program builds on the one-on-one executive business coaching program started by Carson Group founder and CEO Ron Carson in 1993. The firm is often asked by advisors about CRM and other practice management and financial planning tools, according to Carson Coaching Managing Director Jamie Hopkins. As a result, it decided to work with some technology and service providers on the hub, such as Riskalyze, IncomeConductor, FMG Suite, YCharts, AssetMap, Truelytics, Holistiplan and Redtail.


Carson Coaching Online Launches to Deliver Proven Growth Resources For Top Advisors

Aug. 12, 2020

Carson Coaching Online is excited to partner with a number of industry leading technology and service providers inside of the new system in order to bring the best solutions in the advisory profession to members, including award-winning tax planning software for advisors, Holistiplan.


Holistiplan and Wealthbox Streamline the Process of Analyzing Tax Returns and Proving Value to Clients

Aug. 11, 2020

Holistplan, an award-winning tax planning software for advisors built to systematize and automate the process of reviewing a client’s tax return to find potential planning opportunities, today announced a new partnership with Wealthbox®, a popular CRM that helps financial advisors better manage client relationships.


Coronavirus Fears Accelerate WealthTech Innovation

Aug. 6, 2020

"For its part, tax-planning software developer Holistiplan has made updates based on legislation related to the pandemic. Earlier this month it pushed out an update for CARES Act-related calculations, which it said was in demand from advisors."


Toward Normative Standards in the Advice Profession

July 28, 2020

Kevin Lozer and Roger Pine discuss Holistiplan with Bob Veres of Advisor Perspectives and how they tap into their clients’ knowledge base to help improve their software. According to Veres, Normative standards can be broadly defined as a consensus among givers of advice on what advice or service best suits a particular set of circumstances. Unlike most other professions, those standards don’t exist among financial planners. That may soon change.


Ron Carson: A Huge Rival Will Challenge Advisors

June 12, 2020

When Steve Garmhausen of Barron’s asked Ron Carson to name a future wealth tech on the cusp of development that he is excited about, Carson said this about Holistiplan, “We are building into our ecosystem today some tax analysis software; it doesn’t sound exciting until you see that it actually scans clients’ tax returns and comes back in a matter of seconds with very specific things that can be done for their benefit.”


Notes From The Publisher 06/09/2020

June 9, 2020

Roundup of top stories in Financial Advisor Magazine from publisher Cindy Taylor, mentioning article in which readers learned that Holistiplan has launched a new subscription-based tool - Solve For Max, to look “across an end-client’s taxes to determine where additional income may be taken.”


Holistiplan Introduces Automated Tax Optimization Feature

May 28, 2020

With tax season stretching at least to July 15 this year and new rules and regulations governing retirement account withdrawals and taxation, Holistiplan has rolled out a new planning tool that can help advisors more easily optimize their client’s tax planning. The new tool, Solve For Max, looks across an end-client’s taxes to determine where additional income may be taken. “2020 is going to be a unique income year for a lot of people,” said Roger Pine, co-founder of Holistiplan. “We also see a lot of people looking at the income question when they’re trying to help clients efficiently draw down assets, seeking opportunities to bring income forward through moves like contributions to donor-advised funds.”


The Need for Planning—Not Just Advice—Is Clear. Where does a comprehensive financial plan start?

April 28, 2020

Financial advisers say the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the need for creating a comprehensive financial plan as opposed to receiving ad hoc advice. While many advisers do not address tax issues, Holistiplan has created software that enables advisers to go over their clients’ tax situations, says Kevin Lozer, co-founder of Holistiplan. “Within seconds, it produces a white-labeled tax report that advisers can review with their clients to have a meaningful conversation about their tax situation,” Lozer says. “In turn, that helps drive some of their investment decisions.”


Holistiplan Helps Financial Advisors Reassure Clients and Find Planning Opportunities

April 15, 2020

No matter what happens with the pandemic and the markets, taxes will be due this year, next year, every year. Providing insights on tax strategies could be especially helpful for financial planners and their clients right now. With the advent of Holistiplan, a new kind of tax planning software for advisors, built to systematize and automate the process of reviewing a client's tax return to find the potential planning opportunities, advisors can focus more on advising their clients, not inputting data and crunching numbers the old-fashioned way.


Holistiplan Rolls Out New Feature for Optimizing Tax Brackets; With the "Solve for Max" feature, advisors can more easily find a client’s optimal tax bracket.

April 15, 2020

Digital tax return review and planning startup Holistiplan has rolled out a new feature, called “Solve for Max,” that helps advisors find the upper limit on a client’s tax bracket. “Specifically, advisors seek to raise or lower an income number so the client ends up just under the limit of a given tax bracket,” said Roger Pine, co-founder of the tech company. “With ‘Solve For Max’ (now officially out of beta), it’s now easy to find the optimal bracket. And that includes those ‘hidden’ brackets that come from things like medical deduction AGI floors, Net Investment Income Taxes, and Social Security taxation rules.”


Reviewing Tax Returns Can Help Financial Advisors Reassure Clients and Find Planning Opportunities

April 13, 2020

Providing insights on tax strategies could be especially helpful for financial planners and their clients right now. No matter what happens with the pandemic and the markets, taxes will be due this year, next year, every year. Reviewing tax returns and providing advice on related planning opportunities can set you apart from the competition. And the good news is that you, as a professional financial advisor, don’t have to become an expert in every little bit of the new and ever-evolving tax code. Nor do you have to maintain a spreadsheet of your own. Now, with the advent of Holistiplan, you can focus more on advising your clients and reassuring them that you are watching out for them, not inputting data and crunching numbers the old-fashioned way.


How Industry Partners Can Stay Close, Add Value According to an Established RIA

March 31, 2020

Financial advisor Ben Langel says Holistiplan is creating outstanding value for his firm, as seen in the Executive Roundtable Journal, Q1 2020. “Holistiplan, which was featured in Bob Veres’ March 2020 edition of Inside Information, is sophisticated tax software that is very helpful and saves a significant amount of time. You scan a 1040, it quickly searches the text, and provides a professional one-page summary of where the client is in the tax table, what they qualify for, what they don’t qualify for, and provides additional observations and recommendations.”


The latest in financial adviser fintech — March 2020

March 30, 2020

Michael Kitces covers the latest in financial advisor technology after attending the T3 Technology Tools for Today conference in San Diego, February 2020. Kitces says a new generation of Artificial Intelligence tools are emerging: rules-based Expert Systems, which aren’t fully “artificial intelligence” – in that they don’t actually learn from the data presented, and instead simply apply a complex series of if-then statements and decision rules to navigate the information. He talks about Holistiplan with respect to scanning tax returns to identify planning opportunities.


Holistiplan Reorganizes Clients By Households; The tax return review tool is officially receiving 2019 tax return uploads, as well as announcing new tools to support income- and capital gains-based advice.

March 11, 2020

Digital tax return review and planning tool Holistiplan is officially supporting 2019 tax return uploads, it said in an emailed announcement. The firm also announced support for organizing client tax returns by household, as of Feb. 29, a change that will result in a number of expected improvements in the coming months.


T3 2020 Advisor Conference in San Diego

Feb. 18, 2020

Kevin Lozer discusses Holistiplan's launch, as well as some of the benefits of the new tax planning software, at the T3 2020 Advisor Conference in San Diego.


How the fintech revolution is transforming your financial adviser; Financial technology tools help planners to be more effective and efficient

Jan. 6, 2020

Financial advisers are constantly pelted with offers to try new “fintech” products. These tools promise to help planners with everything from assessing risk to educating clients to rebalancing portfolios. Some come with hefty price tags or steep learning curves; others are inexpensive and easy to use with plug-and-play accessibility. The challenge is sifting through all the offerings to determine which ones merit serious consideration. The XY Planning Network, a membership organization of fee-only planners who target Gen X and Gen Y clients, has held an annual fintech competition for the past four years. There were six finalists in 2019, including Holistiplan, a startup that beat the other five to win the award.


Robo Tax Planning

Nov. 1, 2019

Co-Founders Kevin Lozer and Roger Pine discuss the origins of Holistiplan with Bob Veres of Inside Information. Main takeaways of the article are that Holistiplan not only automatically populates from a client’s tax form PDF; it scans the data for planning opportunities and observations, and then lets you do projections in real time.


Holistiplan Announces Revamped Pricing, New Features; Holistiplan's planned improvements include support for ACA subsidy calculations and AMT.

Oct. 31, 2019

Digital tax return review and planning tool Holistiplan will be offering new pricing tiers beginning November 11, the firm revealed in an announcement. Alongside revamped pricing, the firm plans to add a number of new features, including support for Alternative Minimum Tax features, over the next month. Founded by Roger Pine and Kevin Lozer, Holistiplan won XY Planning Network’s 2019 fintech competition last month.


Nuts and Bolts of Reviewing the Tax Return and How Tax Review Software Helps

Oct. 21, 2019

Last week, we discussed the need to review your clients’ tax returns and introduced the award- winning Holistiplan tax review software that does so much of the work for you. Today we dig into the details of this service, how the software assists you, and how the review can most benefit your clients.


Michael Kitces' #FASuccess Podcast: Roger Pine on the Blurring Line Between CPAs and Financial Advisors

Oct. 10, 2019

Roger Pine is the co-founder of Holistiplan, a new kind of tax planning software for advisors built to systematize and automate the process of reviewing a client’s tax return to find the potential planning opportunities. Pine describes the dynamics of trying to balance providing tax guidance and not unwittingly competing against potential CPA referral sources in a podcast with Michael Kitces.


#FASuccess Ep 145: Systematizing Reviews Of Client Tax Returns By Building Software To Automate Them, with Roger Pine

Oct. 8, 2019

In this episode, we talk in-depth about the Holistiplan software that Roger developed. From leveraging optical character recognition to scan all the relevant information from an entire tax return PDF in just seconds, to converting that information into relevant tax observations about the client’s tax bracket, phased-out deductions or tax credits, and the eligibility for tax preference contributions to retirement accounts, to the forward-looking tax planning tools that Holistiplan is now building to identify the client’s true marginal tax bracket, taking into account all the phase-ins and phase-outs to make better forward-looking tax recommendations.


Holistiplan Named Winner of XY Planning Network's Fourth Annual Advisor FinTech Competition

Sept. 24, 2019

XY Planning Network, the leading turnkey financial planning platform for fee-only financial advisors, is excited to announce that Holistiplan has won the organization's fourth annual Advisor FinTech Competition. Holistiplan, a tax planning software solution, was recognized for its automated review of 2018 tax returns, providing client-ready reports that identify financial planning opportunities.


Advisor tech shifts focus to next-gen clients

Sept. 20, 2019

Advisor tech tools are increasingly reflecting the demands of the next generation of clients. At XY Planning Network’s fourth annual FinTech competition, half of the finalists — Holistiplan, College Aid Pro and Knudge — focused on college planning, client accountability and aiding tax returns. Holistiplan won the competition. The technology reads tax returns and provides advisors with a two-page client-ready report that includes helpful metrics and potential planning observations.


XYPN FinTech Competition: Bionic Tax Planning Takes First; Turning client tax returns into a planning opportunity shouldn't be difficult, say co-founders of Holistiplan.

Sept. 11, 2019

Digital tax return review and planning tool Holistiplan took first place at XY Planning Network’s fintech competition in St. Louis, as company co-founders Roger Pine and Kevin Lozer presented before a panel of three judges and a standing-room-only crowd of conference attendees. XY Planning Network co-founder Michael Kitces, FPPad’s Bill Winterberg and Snappy Kraken co-founder Robert Sofia were judges.


XYPN Announces Fintech Finalists: The six finalists present their products before a panel of judges next month.

Aug. 27, 2019

XY Planning Network announced finalists for its upcoming advisor-focused fintech competition scheduled for next month. The six hopefuls are unified by their goal of helping advisors and their clients—and not much more. The mix of firms provide services ranging from specialized financial planning to survey assistance to managing college tuition payments. Designed by two CFPs, Holistiplan aims to use software to turn uploads of client tax returns into a two-page report with “helpful metrics and potential planning observations,” according to a review of the finalists. Advisors can use 2018 tax data to run tax scenarios for future years.


XY Planning Network Announces Finalists for its 4th Annual Advisor FinTech Competition; Six finalists will present their products on September 10th at #XYPNLIVE in St. Louis, MO

Aug. 27, 2019

XY Planning Network (XYPN) announced today that six finalists have been selected to compete in its 4th annual FinTech Competition on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 during XYPN's annual conference, #XYPNLIVE in St. Louis, Missouri. XYPN's FinTech Competition provides start-up advisor technology firms focused on improving the delivery of financial planning services to Gen X and/or Gen Y clients with a venue to showcase their innovative solutions to the financial advisory industry. This year's competition, which drew nearly 30 company submissions, is sponsored by the 2016 FinTech Competition winner, Snappy Kraken. Holistiplan was listed as one of six finalists.